Win the Emotional War

September 2, 2019

How do you win the emotional war of being in business? All too often I work with self-employed dads who feel that business is something like an emotional battle where you're contending with the highs of great success, while being pulled back to Earth with the crushing blows of seeming failure. And that's really, really important to understand, because the way in which our brain responds to emotional highs and emotional lows has a compounding affect on our own physiology. But the key here is that if we focus too much on the positives, we miss the learnings from the negative, and if we focus too much on the negative, we miss the opportunities in the positive.

What's the point here? The point is, we need to remain stable and open to the opportunities and the lessons that are there for us to learn at every single moment. And when we're getting carried away with the highs, or pulled back by the lows, there's three key ways that we can come back to a stable position that allows us, and affords us, the psychological capacity to learn from the moment. And that is to demonstrate thankfulness.
To demonstrate gratefulness. And remain appreciative for the gift that we're given in any event. Irrespective of whether it feels good, or feels bad, we remain thankful, grateful, and appreciative, because it's all part of a journey to starting, scaling, and succeeding in the game of business.

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