Don't Be A Try-hard

August 2, 2019

Who likes a try-hard? See if we unpack that phrase or that label that we give to individuals that often try and attempt things that are beyond their capabilities or outside of their current capacity, then we start to understand there is a really important and powerful lesson contained within the two words of try-hard. We don't understand that we can never try anything. It's really simple. We either do or we don't. Complete, if I asked you to sit down on a chair there's only two outcomes. You do sit on the chair, or you don't sit on the chair. Even if your posterior is hovering off the chair by one centimeter, you don't sit on the chair. So we understand that we don't wanna try, we always wanna focus on doing. Now on the other side of the scale, if we understand that anything that is hard is merely unfamiliar, then, we start to recognize that there is a really, really important lesson in terms of the way that we can grow, lead and scale our businesses.

And that is, if we just make a habit of doing the unfamiliar then we'll start to increase our capacity to deliver, increase our capability to perform and by extension, create higher levels of success in our business. So no longer try hard, just make a habit of doing the unfamiliar and watch your business scale and succeed.

Here's to your success.

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