What Are You Here To Do

August 15, 2019

I want to share with you a lesson that I got as a 20-year-old fresh face radiographer with a full head of long hair. That's right, I used to take X-rays and do MRI scans for a living before moving into managing radiology clinics and sort of getting my first taste of real life business. But I got an amazing lesson from one of my very fist mentors, a guy by the name of Michael Fuller. And it was early on, I was working up in the accident emergency department at one of our major public hospitals. And he me the question, did I know what my job was. And I said, "Well, yeah, it's to take X-rays." And he said, "Well, no, that's not it." To which I sort of thought to myself, "Well, that's a waste of three years at university." But he said to me, "No, your job here is to create as much trust as you possibly can with your patient between the waiting room and the examination room, to make them do things that are gonna hurt." And while that statement had a pretty major impact on me at the time, and to be fair, it's probably what started my fascination with behavior, I really didn't understand what an important statement that is, when we put that in the context of business, and more importantly, specifically marketing.

The biggest pain point for any one of your customers, any one of your clients is number one, making a wrong decision and two, trusting you. Right, if they don't trust you, ultimately they don't trust themselves. So what does all marketing need to do? Well it needs to overcome that natural resistance, that natural reluctance for a person to say yes to themselves. Right, now, buying something we don't want, spending money on something we don't need, realizing it doesn't help, it doesn't change, it doesn't work, it doesn't fix the problems that we've got or doesn't help us to get closer to fixing the problems hurt. And when we're faced with that kind of pain, that kind of suffering or even the sense of loss, then it's all too easy to say no because they don't know or we don't know when we're on a good thing.

What's your number one law of marketing? It's create enough trust with your customers, with your clients, your prospects to make them do things or make them more likely to do things that on some level they feel are going to hurt. If you can do that through great copy, great ads, testimonials, showing them time and time again that you have an ability to produce a consistent level of quality results for people then you instantaneously build and grow that level of trust that's gonna make them more likely to build, gonna make them more likely to do business with you.

So we need to focus on creating trust, enough trust with your people that are, that are, you know, sniffing around your business so that when it comes to that time of them making decision, it hurts much, much less and they're more likely to spend their money with you.

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