Two Ways to Grow

August 1, 2019

There are two ways that you can grow as an individual, as a leader, as an owner, as an entrepreneur, so that you can start to scale and succeed in business and that is to understand directional development. What does this refer to? Your capacity and your capability in business. Capacity is what you use to fill up in your role as a leader in your business. It's where you focus on developing your skills, your knowledge and your experience in your particular pursuit of business. And this is where we start to grow our capacity to lead and to make bigger, bolder, braver decisions for our business.

Conversely, we need to focus on our capability which is horizontal development. These are the attitudes, the habits and the way in which we execute our tasks on a daily, weekly and monthly basis that allows us to commit to completing the goals, the priorities, the projects that we have in our business.

So if you really wanna start, scale and succeed in business, you need to be focusing on both your capacity as a business owner, and your capability as a leader to get the kind of success that you're looking for. Here's to your success.

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