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Take A Time Out

I want to share that it's taken me a long time actually to work out how to get the most out of my day. I was the kind of guy that used to literally come in, chain myself to my desk for anywhere from eight, 10, 12 hours a day and wonder why, towards the […]

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Get Your Groove On

As a junior, I was fortunate enough to play some state volleyball and I spent some time with the South Australian Sports Institute. But, while I didn't know it at the time, what spending hours and hours and hours on the courts taught me, it was the importance of routine. Volleyball's a really simple game […]

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Live Your Purpose

One thing we always focus on when I work with clients in my Excelr8 Academy program is helping the business owner to get really clear on what their business purpose is. And sometimes this is a little bit confusing conversation for them, so when I talk about purpose, what do I mean? Well your purpose […]

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Your Happy Place

In this age where we've got so many tools, so many applications that are meant to save us time, it's almost ironic that people still feel so pressed for time or time poor. But there's a couple of things to this. We need to separate the difference between efficiency and effectiveness. And it seems to […]

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Tired of Time Wasters

So often in business we're doing what we can to increase our number of leads. Always looking at how we're marketing our business, attracting more people to us, helping people find us or learn a little bit more about what we do. But in many cases, if you were inundated with your another 50, 70 […]

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The Final Piece in Your Business Puzzle

You can be great at marketing, you can be great at planning, but there comes a point in time where you then need to deliver your product, deliver your service or do the work that people are paying you for. And this is really where the rubber hits the road because this is the experience […]

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