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Win the Emotional War

How do you win the emotional war of being in business? All too often I work with self-employed dads who feel that business is something like an emotional battle where you're contending with the highs of great success, while being pulled back to Earth with the crushing blows of seeming failure. And that's really, really […]

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What Are You Here To Do

I want to share with you a lesson that I got as a 20-year-old fresh face radiographer with a full head of long hair. That's right, I used to take X-rays and do MRI scans for a living before moving into managing radiology clinics and sort of getting my first taste of real life business. […]

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Don't Be A Try-hard

Who likes a try-hard? See if we unpack that phrase or that label that we give to individuals that often try and attempt things that are beyond their capabilities or outside of their current capacity, then we start to understand there is a really important and powerful lesson contained within the two words of try-hard. […]

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Two Ways to Grow

There are two ways that you can grow as an individual, as a leader, as an owner, as an entrepreneur, so that you can start to scale and succeed in business and that is to understand directional development. What does this refer to? Your capacity and your capability in business. Capacity is what you use […]

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Hope or Hype

When we set out to do things, often we start with two tactics in mind, hope or hype. Often we start things in our business with a really high degree of hope. We just hope that it's gonna work. We hope people will respond. We hope that the product we got will sell or the […]

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Why You Need to be Growing Everyday

80% of businesses close within their first two years, and 50% close within their first five, and what's the number one reason why businesses close? Because they just don't have enough customers coming through the door to pay the bills to keep the doors open, to keep the lights on. But let's understand this from […]

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