Client Testimonials

Whether you run a business, work in a company or you’re just wanting to unlock the best version of YOU, then let Dean listen and work his magic.

The Black Belt Mentor Program has opened my eyes to a whole new way of thinking; whether it be in relation to the way I treat the customer, or the way I communicate with staff. One example is using language to empower Staff to think of the answer themselves – instead of me telling simply them. I've found this to be valuable in creating greater buy in from the team; with the added bonus being staff WANT to do something they thought of!

I’ve also learnt a lot about myself and have been introduced to many new management techniques which I now use in my personal life - and life in the butcher shop - which I know will be invaluable tools moving forward in business.

Grant M. — Bruce’s Meat, Mitcham

Undertaking the Black Belt Mentoring Program, I learn how to manage myself (time/ scheduling/ priorities) and recognise that the environment in which you work, is a product of what you do. These skills are only learnt slowly over a lifetime of experience or quickly via a great mentor. With this understanding, I was able to grow in self-awareness and broaden my consciousness in order to tackle personal and professional problems to get the results I wanted. This has impacted our workplace by enabling me with the skills needed to take on greater responsibilities, leverage my workload and manage our staff with great results.

Luke M. — Leabrook Quality Meats

The Black Belt Program has given me a solid foundation and a strong mindset to appreciate where my flaws are; and what I need to do to change them, improve them and drive myself and my business in the best direction possible.
Change is scary but also necessary to make progress. This is one of the most important things I have overcome and recognized throughout the program. I’ve always had passion and drive to continually be improving but I’ve never had a structure until now.
Every session has had valuable content that has played a vital part in my personal and professional development. My confidence has increased, my skills to manage not only a shop but also staff and understanding personalities to easily create a better team dynamic and shopping experience for our customers.

Dean has a wonderfully structured and knowledgeable insight from marketing and sales through to understanding people and personalities; and although this is just the beginning, I know there is so much more we can learn through his programs.

Carly M. — Bruce’s Meat, Fairview Park

The Black Belt Mentor Program has allowed me to reflect on my approach to management; and how to get the most out of your team without getting stressed and frustrated. That means a more positive outcome for both the business and employees.
The most significant shift I’ve noticed in myself since commencing the program has been listening to staff more instead of just barking orders at them… an approach I would normally see as “my way or the highway”!

The results from the program have been extremely rewarding – and many - with Bruce’s Meat now uncovering a stronger sense of passion towards the industry and a higher level of respect from our peers. With the help of this program our Staff are equipped with the best tools to manage situations as they arise, in a calmer and more respectful manner.

Wilson L. — Bruce’s Meat, Mitcham

Dean Evans’ Black Belt Mentor Program has helped me with many aspects of managing Windsor Meats; enabling me to manage my time more wisely and leading to increased productivity. The program assists with planning apprentice training, social media marketing and information on how to create a cohesive work environment. And the way that Dean is able to tailor the program to suit the needs of our business and the goals we want to achieve has been incredibly valuable as we continue to grow.

Sam B. — Windsor Meats
The first time I met Dean Evans was for a quick chat over coffee and I was intrigued. Shortly afterwards, we arranged several one on one sessions. It quickly became apparent that Dean is not only unique in his approach but also very talented. Previous experiences have left me sceptical of claims that my motivation, productivity and focus could be improved - however, Dean's approach was entirely different. He's not afraid to cut through the nonsense to ensure engagement time is used effectively. Dean is both genuine and refreshing - I can say with certainty that after my time with Dean, I felt empowered to make some bold decisions. What's pleasing is that I was able to make those decisions with a clear head and I haven't regretted them since! I am, therefore, able to highly commend Dean's services.

Eddie G. — Management Consultant, GSBM
I recently engaged Dean to spend a day with our Branch Managers during our March conference in the Barossa Valley. I gained a lot of inspiration from the message of how important it is to keep developing yourself in your role. 

It was also incredibly valuable for me personally because I am currently working towards improving the culture of our business and the presentation on “Creating Killer Cultures” was spot on!

The sessions on “Finding Your Mission” and “Creating A Killer Culture” absolutely HIT THE BULL'S EYE on my brief for the day’s outcome – and has helped our people set up a road map for 2014… and beyond… to hit our FULL POTENTIAL.

Daniel G. — BUPA State Manager SA/NT
This program is worth every cent!

It has helped me to identify my leadership strengths, strategies and motivations; and also provided me with a greater sense of self-worth and self-belief. 

My time management and ability to prioritise my workload are much improved – and
my team has already begun benefiting from having a much more empowered and empowering leader in the workplace.

Dustin W. — Day Rehab Team Leader, Memorial Hospital
LEADING MINDS is "must have" resource for any Leader!

The program has provided ongoing support and specific skills that will help me with the everyday management of my team. It is an outstanding investment as the application of these skills will result in an increased positivity throughout the department.
Ultimately, it has empowered me with life-long tools that will enhance my personal journey through the twists and turns of being a Leader in health.

Chris P. — Senior Sonographer, Lyell McEwen Health Service
The Leading Minds program is essential for anyone managing and supervising staff!

I have attended Management workshops previously and I expected this program to be the same… but this was nothing like any previous Management programs I’ve experienced. I feel more confident in understanding relationships, responses and outcomes in the workplace by seeing people and their behaviour differently. The most interesting thing was that I didn’t think I needed any help or guidance - however I feel clearer in my direction and have regained my momentum!

Kim O. — Medical Imaging Administration Manager, Women’s & Children’s Hospital
This program has been an interesting insight into an area of management that we receive little to no training on.

Ultimately it has given me an increased confidence to execute my management duties;
and a greater awareness of inherit characteristics that had been holding me back from becoming a better leader.

Steve J. — Chief Radiographer, Repatriation General Hospital
The most positive change has been my confidence, allowing me to get on with tasks that I have been unsure of how/where to start.
I am better at listening to my co-workers and understanding what motivates them to engage better or diffuse potential problems.

Fiona M. — Medical Billings Manager, Repatriation General Hospital
Dean has provided a number of mentoring sessions for me since becoming a Senior Manager in Health nearly 12 months ago.
These sessions have been undertaken to assist me with various day to day concerns, where I have looked for strategies to better manage the multitude of complex situations that arise from managing people. 

Dean has been able to quickly help me identify the key issues at play, and then provide me with simple frameworks to implement and use in each situation.

The personalised mentoring has been pivotal in my growth as a manager and has provided me with the inner strength and increased confidence to deliver in my day to day role; thus allowing me to take on situations that I would have previously avoided.
With the increased capability to deal with these issues now, I have afforded myself time to do what needs to be done - and that is to get the best out of my staff.

Ryan M. — Chief Radiographer, SA Medical Imaging Lyell McEwin Hospital
FINALLY - someone who understands what my job entails! Thank you Dean…

Tania H. — Chief Radiographer, Radiology SA
I definitely enjoyed the Leading Minds program and Dean’s unique, enthusiastic and genuine passion as a presenter!
Both days went so fast for me and the information presented was extremely relevant to leaders
The tips on emotional Intelligence, conflict management and problem solving were incredibly valuable; while the new skills to manage my time have empowered me to confidently move forward in my role.

Catharine F. — Administration Manager, Surgical Services, Women’s & Children’s Hospital
I highly recommend the LEADING MINDS program! 

The information was excellent and Dean’s ability to teach is fantastic. I now have the skills to really lead my staff and to establish constructive working relationships to help me gain the trust I need in the tough and challenging environment of modern day workplace.
That means my staff will now have a Leader, not just a manager, who can positively influence them and achieve the goals set for the department.

Ryan M. — Chief Radiographer, Lyell McEwen Health Service
In July 2016 I started acting as the Nurse Unit Manager of an Obstetric unit. This is a role I had carried out on a number of previous occasions but never entering in to the role knowing that it was going to be for a six month period. Previously, the longest stint I had in this role as Acting Manager was for 3 months – at the end of that time a 12 month contract was awarded to another candidate. At the end of that 12 months the permanent position was awarded to the same person.

So this time around, on accepting the 6-month temporary position, I found myself facing an internal conflict that on the one hand had me telling myself that I was good enough for this, and on the other hand seriously questioning my ability.
Three months into the role I had convinced myself there was no point continuing beyond the 6 months, that I probably was not good enough, that I would not apply for the permanent position; and why would you even want to set yourself up doing this for the rest of your career? 

It was around this time that I was introduced to Dean Evans.
Dean had obviously been approached by our Executive Team at the right time; and they obviously felt I would benefit from the Executive coaching program that Dean had put together. I was asked if I wanted to participate and, as I always have, said yes as any input/direction/mentoring that I could take on board I was willing to accept.
I didn’t like Dean to start with.

(No, that’s a lie.) 

I didn’t like the questions that Dean seemed to insist on asking. The questions that make you actually think about yourself as a person, as a professional, about your practice, about what makes you tick. Then he would just sit back and wait for you to answer. Or ask the question again. And sometimes even again till you faced the reality of what he was asking and answered the question.
No point in trying to tell half-truths or incomplete answers – not because Dean cared as such, but lying to yourself when there is someone looking at you with expectation; and the hope and desire to allow the two of you to work together to achieve your goals isn’t worth the effort. Dean didn’t come to this with anything other than an expectation that you as the person he was talking to (that is, me) was there for a reason – to get out of this what and how much you wanted to get out of it.
What did Dean teach me? 

I was asked that question by my General Manager at the end of these sessions. At the same time that I was being ‘interviewed’ for the permanent position by the GM and Director of Nursing. I answered with “Good question, Don’t know. Nothing”.
But what he did was get in to my head, made me think about who I am, why I was here. He helped me grow up professionally and personally. He allowed me and showed me how to “Level up”. He helped me change the way I think. He got me to the point where I could verbalise out-loud that I am a good nurse and midwife (always thought that, never been able to say that). 

Working with Dean brought me to the point where the Executive Team could look me in the eye and say that “3 months ago, we wouldn’t have offered you the permanent managers position. But now we want you to step in to that role permanently if you want it?”
That’s what Dean Evans and Leading Minds Australia did for me. Your turn next.

ps: Dean did teach me things, let’s get that straight. But this was over shadowed by what he showed me and how he helped me in other ways.

K. Schoemaker — Nurse Unit Manager, Obstetric Unit
I am writing this testimonial to attest the absolutely high-calibre content, relevancy and the engaging presentation styles of both the course facilitator and the content covered and delivered.

Over the years, having attended virtually all of the professional development courses on offer at one time or another through the State Government of SA (CIBM, DTEI, InnovateSA, etc) and now including courses promoted through Brand SA (and indeed, many other organisations), many specifically to do with professional, personal and business development, I wanted to express my extreme satisfaction after having attended the Professional Development and training session facilitated by Dean Evans yesterday in the “Beyond your Purpose workshop”.

In my opinion, I would rate it as being the best presented and most thought provoking of all the courses I have attended over the years, gaining real and practical insights into discovering my own and my businesses “true purpose”. 

My thoughts, I believe, were further echoed by the long line-up of senior management participants patiently waiting their turn to hand on their business cards and the chance to meet and thank briefly Dean personally afterwards for his knowledge and delivery style and to express gratitude for the obvious benefits they had also gained through attending.
Thank you for bringing this valuable information and the content of the workshop and for the manner and competency with which you deliver this.

James B. — International, Independent Representation Contractor and Solopreneur
(Adelaide, SA and Karlskrona, Sweden)

I sought assistance from Dean to help me with job interview preparation, specifically how to present my skill sets and capabilities at the interview in a confident and articulate manner and to control the nerves that just took over whenever I was faced with this situation. Dean worked closely with me to identify the blockers that were preventing me from speaking confidently about my experience and work history in the interview environment. Dean is patient, insightful and understanding, and he challenges you to see things differently. Reframing my thinking about interviews totally changed my approach to the process, and I was able to tackle my next interview with greater confidence, which ultimately led to me successfully winning the job!

Lynne F. — DPTI, SA Government
What an inspiring, motivational speaker! Dean was an amazing speaker at our recent conference presenting on The 7 Step Sales Process. All consultants were inspired and were so engaged in the presentation. Within a week we have seen an increased performance and a change to the way our consultants discuss our products. I would highly recommend Altitude Performance Solutions to speak to your sales staff or leaders of your business.

Sally A. — Business Adviser, CGU Insurance
I was lucky enough to connect with Dean and start the Excelr8 program at the very beginning of my business journey, and for me that has meant that I am now where I thought I would be in five years time after just 12 months.

Dean is an expert communicator and has the ability to identify my internal barriers before I even know they exist. He stretches me and encourages me in a way that helps me to know that I can achieve anything and that I’m not alone. He has flipped any issue that I think I’ve had in to an opportunity and helped me to reframe things in a way that keeps me moving forward.

Working through the Excelr8 modules has helped me to focus my energy on where it needs to be at any given time so that no time is wasted on areas that are not going to move my business forward. It is this level of focus and direction that has fast tracked my business and saved five years of wasted energy. I cannot thank Dean enough for the impact that his program has had on my business, my family and myself.

Tasmin A.

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