Hope or Hype

July 18, 2019

When we set out to do things, often we start with two tactics in mind, hope or hype. Often we start things in our business with a really high degree of hope. We just hope that it's gonna work. We hope people will respond. We hope that the product we got will sell or the service that we're offering will deliver well. And one of the challenges with hope is that I think in many cases it means we actually do less than is required. We kinda leave it up to luck, up to chance, that the ducks will line up, the planets will align, and things will go our way. So while obviously hope is a tactic, it's certainly not the best strategy to use if you wanna get things done. The other tactic, of course, is hype. And that's when people start so many things at once they actually don't know what's working.

And I know that there's probably an overused and over popularized line in self-development that says that, if something's not working, try something else. If that's not working, try something else. If that's not working, try something else. And while there's a time and a place for that to happen, it's equally important sometimes to stick with what's not working now and test it, tweak it, stay with it over time to get it to a point where it is working later. Marketing campaigns, emails, Facebook ads, they're three great examples often where it's not working you don't just try something else, you actually stick with it and get it to a point where it's working really, really well, or as well as you need it to be. And the challenge of course, if you're starting things with hype is that oftentimes you're gonna be doing too much, often spinning your wheels, gettin' nowhere with no real way to measure exactly what's working.

So if you're struggling in your business right now or you're stuck in your business, if you're running on hope or hype, then it's probably time to try something different. I'd love to know what you're workin' on right now, so reply to this email. For me, it's simple. It's improving Facebook ads. It's improving webinar conversion. And it's improving my sales method. I'd love to hear the three things that you're working on right now that aren't built in hope or hype. You actually got a very clear plan in place and you are working on those things, well I guess diligently and deliberately, rather than desperately hoping or hyping things up in the vain hope, pardon the pun, that they'll work.

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